Decagon Calculator


Decagon Calculator

Ever wanted to calculate the area of a 10-sided polygon while sipping your coffee, but just didn’t know how? Well, you’re in luck! With the Decagon calculator, math is a piece of cake!

Decagon Calculation Formula

The area of a decagon can be calculated using the formula:

Area = 2.5 * side_length^2 * sqrt(5 + 2*sqrt(5))

Decagon Calculations and Results Interpretation

Range Interpretation
0-10 sq. ft. Small Decagon
10-50 sq. ft. Medium Decagon
50+ sq. ft. Large Decagon

Example Calculations

Individual’s Name Side Length (ft) Calculated Area (sq. ft) Calculation Method
Johnny Appleseed 2 17.36 Johnny threw an apple, and it landed 2ft away. He then used the formula above.

Calculation Methods

Method Advantages Disadvantages Accuracy
Using the formula Accurate and fast Requires math knowledge High

Evolution of Decagon Calculation

Time Period Calculation Method
Ancient Greece Guessing
17th Century Using a compass and straightedge
Now Using the formula

Limitations of Decagon Calculation

  1. Measurement Error: The side length of the decagon must be measured accurately.
  2. Rounding Error: The accuracy of the result can be affected by rounding errors.

Alternative Methods

Method Pros Cons
Using a computer program Fast and accurate Requires a computer or smartphone

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a decagon? A decagon is a 10-sided polygon.
  2. How do I calculate the area of a decagon? Use the formula provided above.
  3. What is the formula for calculating the area of a decagon? The formula is: Area = 2.5 * side_length^2 * sqrt(5 + 2*sqrt(5))
  4. What does the ‘side_length’ refer to in the formula? It refers to the length of one side of the decagon.
  5. What is the accuracy of the decagon calculation formula? The accuracy is high, but can be affected by measurement and rounding errors.
  6. Are there alternative methods to calculate the area of a decagon? Yes, you can use a computer program.
  7. How has decagon calculation evolved over time? It started with guessing in Ancient Greece, then using a compass and straightedge in the 17th Century, and now we use a formula.
  8. What are the limitations of decagon calculation? The main limitations are measurement error and rounding error.
  9. What range of area is considered a large decagon? A decagon is considered large if its area is over 50 sq. ft.
  10. What is the best way to learn about decagon calculation? You can refer to educational programs that teach geometry or check the measurement standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


  1. U.S. Department of Education Info on educational programs that teach geometry.
  2. National Institute of Standards and Technology Info on measurement standards.