Charlson comorbidity Index score (CCI Score) Calculator


Charlson comorbidity Index score (CCI Score) Calculator
Myocardial infarction
CHF (Exertional or paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea and has responded to digitalis, diuretics, or afterload reducing agents).
Peripheral vascular disease (Intermittent claudication or past bypass for chronic arterial insufficiency, history of gangrene or acute arterial insufficiency, or untreated thoracic or abdominal aneurysm (≥6 cm))
CVA or TIA (History of a cerebrovascular accident with minor or no residua and transient ischemic attacks)
Dementia (Chronic cognitive deficit)
Connective tissue disease
Peptic ulcer disease (Any history of treatment for ulcer disease or history of ulcer bleeding)
Liver disease (Severe = cirrhosis and portal hypertension with variceal bleeding history, moderate = cirrhosis and portal hypertension but no variceal bleeding history, mild = chronic hepatitis (or cirrhosis without portal hypertension))
Diabetes mellitus
Moderate to severe CKD (Severe = on dialysis, status post kidney transplant, uremia, moderate = creatinine >3 mg/dL (0.27 mmol/L))
Solid tumor