DAS28-ESR Calculator


DAS28-ESR Calculator

Welcome to the thrilling universe of DAS28-ESR calculations! ESR here stands for erythrocyte sedimentation rate, not extra sensory reading, though you might sometimes feel like you need some sort of psychic powers to unravel this fascinating formula!


DAS28-ESR = 0.56*sqrt(Tender28) + 0.28*sqrt(Swollen28) + 0.70*ln(ESR)

Categories of DAS28-ESR

Category Range
Remission <2.6
Low Disease Activity >2.6 to ≤3.2
Moderate Disease Activity >3.2 to ≤5.1
High Disease Activity >5.1


Meet John, our imaginary patient. Let’s see how his DAS28-ESR calculation pans out:

Person Tender28 Swollen28 ESR DAS28-ESR Calculation
John 3 2 30 3.2 0.56sqrt(3) + 0.28sqrt(2) + 0.70*ln(30)

Calculation Methods

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s more than one way to calculate DAS28-ESR:

Method Advantages Disadvantages Accuracy
Manual Calculation You’re in full control Can be time-consuming High
Calculator Quick and easy May not account for specific factors High

Evolution of DAS28-ESR

From humble beginnings to a widely used metric, here’s how DAS28-ESR has evolved over the years:

Year Change
2000 Introduction of DAS28-ESR
2010 Improved accuracy


While DAS28-ESR is a great tool, it does have some limitations:

  1. Specificity: DAS28-ESR may not account for individual patient factors.
  2. Complexity: The formula can be tough to understand for non-medical folks.


Don’t like DAS28-ESR? No worries, there are alternatives:

Alternative Pros Cons
SDAI Simpler formula Less widely used


  1. What is ESR in DAS28-ESR? ESR stands for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, a blood test used to detect inflammation.
  2. How is DAS28-ESR calculated? DAS28-ESR is calculated using a specific formula involving the tender joint count, swollen joint count, and the ESR.
  3. What does DAS28-ESR measure? DAS28-ESR measures disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. How often should DAS28-ESR be calculated? The frequency of calculation can vary depending on the patient’s condition and doctor’s recommendation.
  5. What is a good DAS28-ESR score? A score of less than 2.6 is considered to be in the remission category.
  6. What is considered a high DAS28-ESR score? A score of more than 5.1 is considered high disease activity.
  7. What factors can affect the DAS28-ESR score? Patient-specific factors such as the number of tender and swollen joints, and the ESR can affect the score.
  8. What is the alternative to DAS28-ESR? An alternative is the SDAI, which is a simpler formula but less widely used.
  9. How accurate is the DAS28-ESR calculation? The calculation is highly accurate but may not account for specific patient factors.
  10. Can I calculate DAS28-ESR myself? Yes, with the correct formula and data, you can manually calculate DAS28-ESR.


  1. CDC Website: A wealth of information about rheumatoid arthritis, the disease for which DAS28-ESR is prominently used.
  2. Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center: An authoritative source offering a plethora of resources, including in-depth explanations of various arthritis-related calculations.