Vegan Diet Inflammatory Score Calculator


Vegan Diet Inflammatory Score Calculator
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Attention all health enthusiasts and data devotees! Our Vegan Diet Inflammatory Score Calculator is ready to add some zing to your plant-based journey. Fear not, we’ve kept the spice level ‘mild’ to not inflame your curiosity. Let’s delve into the ‘tofu’ of the subject… because who needs meat, right?

Calculation Formula

Vegan Diet Inflammatory Score = (sum of pro-inflammatory nutrients) - (sum of anti-inflammatory nutrients)

Score Levels

Score Range Level
< 0 Anti-inflammatory
0 Neutral
> 0 Pro-inflammatory


Person Diet Details Score Calculation Final Score
John Doe Ate 5 servings of broccoli, 2 apples, and a large fries (5broccoli – 2apples – large fries) -3

Calculation Methods

Method Brief Advantage Disadvantage Accuracy
Method 1 High accuracy Time-consuming High
Method 2 Quick results Less accurate Moderate

Evolution Over Time

Year Change
1990 Introduction of Vegan Diet Inflammatory Score
2000 Inclusion of more nutrients in the score
2010 Development of new calculation methods


  1. The score might not account for individual differences in metabolism.
  2. The score is based on averages and may not reflect the exact inflammatory potential of a person’s diet.


Alternative Pros Cons
Diet Quality Index Provides a holistic view of diet May not be as accurate as the Vegan Diet Inflammatory Score


  1. What is the Vegan Diet Inflammatory Score? It’s a score that estimates the inflammatory potential of your diet based on the balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory nutrients.
  2. How is the score calculated? The score is calculated by subtracting the sum of anti-inflammatory nutrients from the sum of pro-inflammatory nutrients.
  3. What does a negative score mean? A negative score indicates that your diet is predominantly anti-inflammatory.
  4. And a positive score? A positive score suggests that your diet has a pro-inflammatory tendency.
  5. Can I change my score? Absolutely! You can alter your score by adjusting the balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods in your diet.
  6. What foods are considered pro-inflammatory? Foods high in sugar, saturated fats, and trans fats are generally considered pro-inflammatory.
  7. And anti-inflammatory foods? Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants are typically seen as anti-inflammatory.
  8. Is the Vegan Diet Inflammatory Score completely accurate? While the score provides a good estimation, it’s not entirely accurate due to individual differences in metabolism and the fact that it’s based on averages.
  9. Are there any alternatives to this score? Yes, there are other methods to assess the inflammatory potential of your diet, but they may not be as accurate.
  10. Where can I learn more about this? Check out our listed references for more in-depth information.


  1. National Institutes of Health: The NIH provides comprehensive information on the science behind the Vegan Diet Inflammatory Score. Resource Link
  2. Harvard School of Public Health: Here, you can find more details about the nutrients considered in the score. Resource Link